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Thunderhooves Guild

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Thunderhoove guild is looking for any tauren of any level and skill to join our rank. We are currently located on the Bloodhoof server, where the population is low to medium. I have yet *knock on wood* seen the dialog asking me to wait to log in. It is a PvE server.

This guild is dedicated to helping all our Tauren brothers and sisters in the guild, to the best of our ability. Eventually, when we have enough high level members, we'll probably end up doing some raids. But only those interested can join in the raid, it's not a pre-requisite :-) Basically we just want a good friendly guild that help each other out. We currently have about 22 tauren members, but looking to increase our ranks.

This guild is very friendly, we do not discriminate, and there has been no leet speakers, and we will keep it that way :-) The only restriction to the guild is that you have to be Tauren.

If interested, you can speak to Lokan (guild master), or Stormbull, Aingus, Montaureau, Ursa or Ahrook. All can help you join the guild.
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