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World of Warcraft
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Monday, January 31st, 2005
2:26 pm
Closing up shop.
it seems that worldofwarcraft is back under control and relatively troll-free.

as a result, I am closing this community, as there's not much point to it anymore.

the community itself will still exist. the existing posts will not go anywhere. However, no new posts will be able to be made.

let's head back over to worldofwarcraft, and continue to make it the strong community that it is rapidly becoming.
Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
1:15 pm
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Current Mood: tired
Sunday, January 16th, 2005
6:53 pm
Thunderhooves Guild
x-posted on blizzardwow, worldofwarcraft, wow_guilds, wow_wanted and fursofwow

Thunderhoove guild is looking for any tauren of any level and skill to join our rank. We are currently located on the Bloodhoof server, where the population is low to medium. I have yet *knock on wood* seen the dialog asking me to wait to log in. It is a PvE server.

This guild is dedicated to helping all our Tauren brothers and sisters in the guild, to the best of our ability. Eventually, when we have enough high level members, we'll probably end up doing some raids. But only those interested can join in the raid, it's not a pre-requisite :-) Basically we just want a good friendly guild that help each other out. We currently have about 22 tauren members, but looking to increase our ranks.

This guild is very friendly, we do not discriminate, and there has been no leet speakers, and we will keep it that way :-) The only restriction to the guild is that you have to be Tauren.

If interested, you can speak to Lokan (guild master), or Stormbull, Aingus, Montaureau, Ursa or Ahrook. All can help you join the guild.

Current Mood: geeky
Thursday, January 13th, 2005
5:20 pm
off topic, so shoot me if need be...
but here is something i saw and wanted to share with everybody.

please note, empty your bladder, don't drink anything, and be sure to sit down before clicking.

uhmm.. and to make an attempt to keep it on topic....

so other than dellenn and myself, is anyone else on Hellscream?
2:07 pm
Blue: No WoW on shelves for now...
In regards to a query about an inability to find World of Warcraft on store shelves, the following appeared from Caydiem:

We will release more copies when we're confident that all players, old and new, will have a stable, enjoyable experience on our realms.

(link to the actual thread on the forums, courtesy of Penny Arcade)

My theory had been that they were waiting for a future (large) patch before pressing new CDs, to avoid massive downloads after a fresh install. This is more deeply fundamental. Looks like they're trying to put long-term user experience ahead of immediate profits - because Bog knows they could sell a load more boxes...
1:45 pm
New Wow guild community created
I hope this will be a somewhat organized ref. tool for those interested in WoW guilds. Now go forth, join & promote your guild ;-}</p>


7:55 am
And finally.............it is done.................
Last night, with the help of a 56 Mage, my journey through Zul'farrak FINALLY came to an end.


Insert the "I told you so" here please.
The Mage made all the difference.
This time the setup was 3 Paladins, myself (53 Hunter), and the 56 Mage.
Wave after wave was simply decimated by our coordination.
It was beautiful.
After the "rush" was over, we then went and took down Gahzrilla.
Fun fight.
Easy fight.
Quick fight.
After that, we left, never looking back, simply satisfied knowing, "I don't have to go back there."


Current Mood: relieved
Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
5:26 pm
x-posted, yo.
Posted to another WoW site, felt it would be relevent here as well.
Cut for Easy ignoringCollapse )
12:22 pm
from the realm status forums on the big board...
The weekly realm maintenance normally scheduled for Tuesday morning has been moved to this Thursday, January 13, at 4:00 AM PST. As part of this week's maintenance, we will be making improvements to our current infrastructure to address recent performance issues.

The following realms will have an extended maintenance window of approximately 16 hours:

Cenarion Circle
Silver Hand

All other realms will be down for the normal 4 hour maintenance window.

We thank you in advance for your patience during this time; we will work diligently to bring all realms up as quickly as possible.

fun fun. being that i play on hellscream, at least i can play when i get home from work.

Current Mood: working
10:39 am
ha. ha.
So im fairly new to the game and ive finally settled in on a server. Ive got a bunch of characters (since im so fickle) and ALL are under level 20. So im not really sure if i can hang with you guys since there seems to be mainly lvl 30 around but.. ill be workin' on it.
8:30 am
Participate in the Daedalus Project
If this is off topic, pls. feel free to delete

Online survey of MMOers

Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
1:59 pm
More Penny-Arcade Goodness!!! ^_^
Image behind hereCollapse )

from what i've gathered there was quite a rant/issue going on with some Blizzard employee supposedly abusing their "power" in the game. I'll have to scour the forums later to actually find out what that was all about....but still...gotta love the P-A gang!

Current Mood: amused
12:47 pm
WOO HOO DING 30! I'm a Warlock so I get my new pet the Felhunter this level. :) I also got a new AE spell, Hellfire, and *drum roll* Enslave Demon! I'm one step closer to training Infernals on unsuspecting horde muahaha. I am having so much fun with this class. I'm sorry but hands down, 'Locks Rock.
12:30 pm
Did I hear correctly that that WoW will be down most of Thursday this week to fix server issues?
12:30 pm
Jadefire Trauma
I hate Jadefire Tricksters (Fellwood - Jadefire Run) with all of my little elven heart.

There should not be a mob in game that can mind trick you, losing all aggro even to your pet (the mob goes green, so the pet won't attack), thereby being counted as out of combat, untagged, and therefor get fully healed and regain all mana while also returning to the spot where it was originally engaged. You can't pull a trickster worth anything, unless they happen *not* to use mind trick before they die.

This would be totally different in a party, of course, but I mainly solo. Having a mission in which I have to kill 8 of these (among other things) in the middle of an encampment of demons is an exercise in pure anger and frustration.

Mind you, I still killed the bastards and their leader and all their little friends. In the end, it was rather exciting because of the difficulty, and I had a really neat pull on a Hellcaller that really made my night last night (ran up and through him while the pet attacked, between two groups of closely packed demons - about seven in all - and managed to only aggro the one demon, as intended).

Current Mood: accomplished yet annoyed
12:19 pm
a brief announcement
Moderating a community (especially one as potentially high-traffic and incendiary as this one) is a big job. Like you, I have other jobs as well, and can't monitor this community 24/7. Thankfully, netgoth has agreed to co-moderate this community with me. Like me, she is the moderator of a number of communities here on LiveJournal. I play WoW and CoH with her regularly, and she is one of the better players I've had the pleasure of gaming with. I trust her opinions and sensibilities, and know that she, too, wants this to be a strong, cohesive community.

Current Mood: pleased
12:08 pm
Make that 2 runs.
Also if anyone is on Dragonblight and wants to go on a Scarlet Monestary run, please let me know. ^^
11:37 am
Dragonblight Assistance. ^^
Is there anyone here that plays on Dragonblight (Alliance)? I am attempting to go to Razorfen Kraul to get the Corpemaker Two-Handed Axe. If anyone can help out let me know so I can arrange a time to do this. Thanks guys.
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