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Jadefire Trauma

I hate Jadefire Tricksters (Fellwood - Jadefire Run) with all of my little elven heart.

There should not be a mob in game that can mind trick you, losing all aggro even to your pet (the mob goes green, so the pet won't attack), thereby being counted as out of combat, untagged, and therefor get fully healed and regain all mana while also returning to the spot where it was originally engaged. You can't pull a trickster worth anything, unless they happen *not* to use mind trick before they die.

This would be totally different in a party, of course, but I mainly solo. Having a mission in which I have to kill 8 of these (among other things) in the middle of an encampment of demons is an exercise in pure anger and frustration.

Mind you, I still killed the bastards and their leader and all their little friends. In the end, it was rather exciting because of the difficulty, and I had a really neat pull on a Hellcaller that really made my night last night (ran up and through him while the pet attacked, between two groups of closely packed demons - about seven in all - and managed to only aggro the one demon, as intended).
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